In this section you’ll find information about what’s new in the newer releases of the project.

Release v.0.3.0 (29 Mar 2021)

  • Added Google Global Mobility reports support;

  • Cache invalidation option for downloads;

  • Added bayesian prevalence models (true prevalence, apparent prevalence);

  • Added a notebook with a tutorial for prevalence estimation;

  • Changes in dependencies (pymc3 -> numpyro + jax);

Release v.0.2.0 (21 Mar 2021)

  • Added more documentation;

  • Added more tutorials;

  • Added bibliography section;

  • Added Facebook COVID-19 World Survey Data API support;

  • Added Facebook Movement Range Maps;

  • Support to Python 3.7;

  • Added testing for MacOS/Linux/Windows;

  • Minor bug-fixes, refactors and enhancements;

Release v.0.1.0 (14 Mar 2021)

  • First release of the project;